Can I become a member if I am not a student?
You can only become a member if you are currently a student at a higher education institution (HBO and university), or if you graduated this or last academic year. You also need a valid sports card to become a member. 

Do I need a sports card even when i just want to come to a training once?
You always need a valid sports card to enter the sports center and to join any of our trainings (including the ones at the Vijfkamplaan). You can get a one-time daypass at the SSCE front desk for 5 euros, but only if you qualify for a regular sports card (a.k.a. you are a student or have graduated recently)

Do I need experience to join the cheerleading team?
Anyone is welcome to join our cheerleading team, as long as you are motivated to learn! We have a great variety of advanced and beginner cheerleaders on our team, and everyone is willing to help out new teammates.

Is cheerleading just for girls? And how much dancing is involved?
We have a mixed team, so men are more than welcome! We mostly do stunts in our trainings, and there is zero to no dancing involved. 

How much does it cost to become a member?
Members of Twist pay 25 euros in contribution each year. Do note that to become a member, you need a valid sports card, costing around 95 euros per year for students. 

I am really busy with studying, do I have to be at the trainings every week?
As much as we like it when everyone is always present, we do not ask from you to be there every single training. Since gymnastics is quite an individual sport, it is not as much of a problem as it is in cheerleading. We ask cheerleaders to be present at almost every training.