Competition Committee

The competition committee makes sure every member is able to compete at NSTB competitions. They advertise the competitions and help members in making routines.

Activities Committee

The activities committee organises all the fun things like drinks, barbeques, workshops and parties. They come up with ideas for new activities and make them happen!

Audit Committee

The audit committee controls the bookkeeping of the association. It mostly checks the financial statements by the treasurer. Furthermore, the audit committee can make judgments about the executed financial policy and control the budget.

Clothing Committee

The clothing committee is responsible for everything that has to do with the design and production of our TWIST merch. They also make sure everyone can buy a TWIST leotard.

PR Committee

The PR committee makes sure all the beautiful moments at Twist are captured. They also help in keeping up the social media channels.

Become a committee member!

We will send you an email with information about this committee and how you could help out.