Every year there is a variety of competitions you can subscribe for, organized through the national gymnastics federation (NSTB). 

A competition weekend usually consists of one day of competition, followed by (optionally) dinner, a party and sleepover by the organizing gymnastics association. These competitions usually cost around 10 euros to compete, and around 15 euros for the dinner, party, sleepover and breakfast.  

If it is your first time competing as a member of Twist, you get 10 euros off your subscription cost!

If you need help in creating your competition routines, you can contact the competition committee.


Every year, we have the NSTC’s (Nederlandse Studenten Turn Competitie), which is organized by a dutch student gymnastics association in their city. These are open to all students and graduated students. Through a combination of the NSTB and SSN (StudentenSport Nederland) we have one NSK yearly (Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap) and the GNSK(Groot Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap). These are only open to people who are currently students. 



This competition is usually held around November and is an apparatus competition, meaning you can choose in which apparatuses you compete. 


This competition is held in March/April and is an all-round competition, meaning you can only compete in all apparatuses.

NSTC Jumping

This competition is for those who like the jumping aspects of gymnastics. You can compete on apparatuses like minitrampoline, tumbling and big trampoline. You can compete in teams or individually. 


This competition is an all-round competition organised by SSN and NSTB, and is therefore not open to some members (mostly those who have graduated already).


The Groot Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap is the biggest student competition in the country, usually hosting up to 18 sports competitions in one weekend where students compete for the title of best student city of the Netherlands. Every year we get to send up to 5 teams of 3-6 people to this competition to try to win the title together with the other students sports associations of Eindhoven.